If this is the first time you’re thinking about joining a Heartcore retreat, here’s a little more about the experiences we create …


Daily movement is our mission, with both morning and late afternoon classes being held by movement expert Jessie Blum. Deepen your practice, challenge yourself physically and move beyond what you think you’re capable of. Jessie’s approach is a combination of Pilates and Yoga to tone the body, deep centered core work to fire up your power house, cardio boosts to strengthen your heart and effective stretches to release tension and create space in mind and body. Morning sessions are generally two hours with a focus on conditioning and strength, whilst afternoon sessions last about one hour, and focus on stretching, releasing, slowing down. We believe it’s the perfect combination for your mind, body and soul.  


Our retreats are about living in the moment, embracing life and letting go — whether that’s on the mat or on the dance floor. We invite you to come as you are and let us take care of the rest. Through the power of positive movement in this magical setting, through an environment that’s free of judgement and a community of like-minded souls — you’ll get space to be, time to breathe and time to discover more of you, and more of the person you are destined to become — which is the person you decide to be today. 




There is plenty of time for you to just be. To unwind, to dream, to connect, whatever is calling you. After our morning sessions, the time is yours — and our Moroccan home is the perfect place to do this. Every room is beautifully designed, communal spaces are carefully considered with something unique to discover around every corner, and there’s a hammock swinging in the breeze with your name on it. And you may even spot a tortoise peacefully roaming between olive trees.


There are few things in life that inspire awe like the magic of night’s sky. Looking up at the stars above and the sheer expanse of the universe somehow puts everything into perspective. As the sun sets, we love to come together, enjoy a glass of something crisp in our hands and fill our bellies with great food. Evenings in Marrakesh are warm and it’s the moments we create together by candlelight that are always the most memorable.


Creating bonds through sharing a meal is what we’re all about. With a focus on fresh and locally sourced ingredients, the food on our retreats is always a highlight. We start every day with the option of a light breakfast before class followed by a nourishing, healthy lunch (buffet style) and beautifully curated group dinners to spark imagination, joy and magic in the soul.



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