HC Online class video 007

Fire up your core with Taylor

Root down and fire up your core with Taylor.

Taylor is a teacher who leads with heart. And although he pushes you to the limit, you’ll always have a smile on your face — he’s our joyful assassin! Move with Taylor in this 10 minute strength Pilates workout; with a focus on the abdominal muscles.

Core. It’s a small word, with a big job to do.

And when we look beyond the aesthetic and think about what our core muscles actually ‘do’, it’s pretty phenomenal. They support us in the everyday movements we take for granted, literally help us to stand upright and they connect the upper and lower body; helping us to do all the things we love. And although a lot of time is often focused on the abdominals, the core goes way beyond this group of muscles; starting a lot higher and ending a lot lower than we think. The core muscles also include the pelvic floor, the glutes, the back muscles which help to stabilize the spine and the diaphragm which helps us to breathe. Pretty vital stuff right!?

At Heartcore we focus a lot on core (it’s in the name) with the lens of using Dynamic Pilates to create strength and ease in everyday movement. This essentially means that we work the muscles which support our most basic, yet most important function — allowing you to live the most powerful, agile and pain-free life.

And in the wise words of Simon Sinek — what good is having a belly if there is no fire in it!

Amen to that!

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